sunday school

We have a variety of Adult Sunday School classes available for all age groups and preferences that meet at 10:00am.

The list below offers descriptions of each class to help you choose the best fit for you.

  • Messengers Class

    This class of willing workers welcomes couples and singles.  The majority of class members are retired or nearing retirement.  Literature is International Adult Bible Studies.  Teachers include 7 rotating class members plus guest teachers.  This class meets on the first floor of the Education Building.

  • Good News Bible Class

    Aged from mid-50s to early-70s, this class offers lively discussions led by some of the most amazing Bible teachers.  Topics range from Bible verses, sorrow & grace, current events, being good neighbors and becoming disciples for Christ.  The Good News Class meets in the Administration Building and invite you to join them on their journey to strengthen their relationship with Christ.

  • Discoverers class

    An eclectic class of married and single adults ranging in ages from 40 to 50s.  This class enjoys small group discussions with topics sure to enhance one's faith development.  Join them in the Sanctuary basement classrooms.

  • open door class

    Eclectic class with ages 55 and up.  Class lessons are taught by various members who choose their own topics.  Very informative and boisterous.  This class meets in the Sanctuary basement classrooms.

  • New Beginnings class

    A casual, comfortable and dedicated group of adults ranging in age from late-30s to early-50s.  The class is led by Tom Sellers who teaches from a variety of topical books relevant to current life experiences.  Class is held in the Sanctuary basement classrooms..  

  • Seekers Class

    This class was created for the more "theologically minded" individual.  Wide range of topics to spur discussion and debate.  All are welcome to join in the dialogue.  This class meets in the Administration Building.

  • Sojourners

    This is a class composed of couples and sings who, for the most part, are in their sixties.  The class discussion evolves from video presentations by well known authors and notable Christian leaders and facilitated by rotating teachers in the class.  This class meets on the first floor of the Education Building.

  • Grace Fellowship Class

    This new adult Sunday School class meets at 10:15am in the Bride's Room (located below the Sanctuary).  Tom Young leads the discussion of various book studies.  They are currently exploring Grace by Max Lucado.

  • Intentional Parenting Sunday School Class